Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Four Seasons or not

One day at lunch this week I was in a conversation that included two young 20-something gals who are living and working in Erie with us for awhile. At one point the talk got around to the beautiful colors of fall that are quickly encompassing our area. I'm still chuckling inside at the differences that came out as our weather conversation continued.

You see, one gal is from Michigan, close enough to the Great Lakes so that her experience of autumn and the-sure-to-follow-winter is pretty much as ours is. The other one, however, is from the Atlantic shore area--eastern Maryland. I knew that she (and we) were in for a great time this year when she, proudly, mentioned that she had bought and brought with her brand new snow boots and a heavy winter coat---already, in October! Oh my, as they say, our reputation precedes us.

Not to worry--we talked about how beautiful a white world becomes with fresh snowfall, and a white Christmas, and cold, fresh walks on the snowcovered sidewalks. Have you ever tried cross country sking, someone piped in? Or ice skating? 

I finally summed it up, as I often do before a visitor's eyes glaze over, "Erie's weather is really beautiful, you just have to appreciate (and love?) all four seasons--because we have each one--intensely." 

And BTW, our summer WAS just beautiful! 

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