Sunday, November 7, 2021

Fun in the backyard.

The first frost is past so I guess that makes our high 50s and predicted low 60s temps officially Indian summer now. Getting outside as much as possible this weekend, I took a little trek "around our backyard" and here is what I found: a red border under the west wall of the chapel; beautiful tall grasses in the library courtyard, one red tree in the yard on the way to the hermitage trail and the black eyes on tall stems from this year's Black Eyed Susans. Blessings of autumn and its boundless harvest of nature, to you and yours. 

P.S. Two weekends ago, see October 24 blog entry, I wrote about The Power of 3 male voices at our prayer. Since blogs like mine are automatically transferred to our community Facebook page, it was posted there also. There readers can leave comments and, much to my delight and surprise, a couple days later doesn't this comment appear under the October 24 story:

"I was one of those ‘three’. Two of us are Evangelical Covenant and the third Presbyterian; all pastors. We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the monastery. Thanks for the wonderful hospitality!"

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