Monday, September 5, 2022

A welcome home


After nine hours of travel a walk around our place helped the transition back 
by discovering these sights: here's a patch of cosmos that is replacing
a tree planted in memory of two of our sisters' sibling.

The new bridge across the marshy area on the way to the hermitages
is coming along. This is sort of like replacing the 19th century
village bridge with the George Washington across the Hudson
(which I was on this week, by the way).

And one of the new trees, that spent its first 3 years in a garden,
is now on its own in the yard. Seems to be doing ok. Hopefully next 
year it will survive the winter and flourish in the summer.

And, finally, here are some old friends which I hadn't seen
on the grounds all summer. Back to graze in the lawn and 
poop on the sidewalks all day!

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