Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Shoring up...our shoreline

The erosion along the shore of Lake Erie has been considerable over the last few years. With the rising water level and the storms and high winds that are inevitable throughout the year, all property owners along the whole length of Lake Erie lose a lot of beach and cliff wall annually. We have been talking for the last year or so about options for our primary lake access area and this week our conservative, yet people-friendly plans became a reality. 

Thanks to our multi-talented building maintenance guys, we replaced the old broken and bent wire fencing with a natural wood 5' high fence, including new wiring on one side of it. Earlier we had new cement steps put in to replace the eroding ones--all the way down to the beach area. It's nothing fancy or overdone, just  a simple way to continue to enjoy the great blessing we have of beach and lake--for us and for our guests. 

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