Sunday, November 15, 2020

In Between November

 November is an in between month for us--especially this year. In just the first half of the month we have had a week of record-setting high temperatures for each date and another week of cold and pre-winter days.

This weekend Saturday was cool but added lots of sun to balance it out. Sunday, on the other hand, was cool, also, but a wild, strong November wind and rainstorm swept through the area for a couple hours in the afternoon. 

Here are two scenes from this weekend:

The 7:00 am sunrise on Saturday morning.

Our beautiful and much-loved willow tree in the backyard
was toppled by the ferocious wind and rains Sunday afternoon. (VL)

I have 10 new trees from this summer's plantings that we just "winterized" so that they will make it through the upcoming snow and winds. Maybe one of two of them will be able to take our willow's place.

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