Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Keeping our sanity

Today is Day #20 of our quarantine and it's getting a little kooky! So, we are trying hard to make our own fun. Here's a quick but challenging game. See how you measure up in our Monastic Match Game!

Five Benedictine "saints"---year of birth and year of death:

 _____St. Scholastica              A.  1832-1881          

_____St. Gertrude the Great     B. 1256-1302

_____Benedicta Riepp            C. 1098-1179

(First Benedictine woman in the USA)

_____St. Hildegard of Bingen    D. 1825-1862

_____Scholastic Burkhard        E. 480-543

(First prioress Benedictine Sisters of Erie)

 Five community members who were not born in Erie, Oil City or Sharon, PA

_____Mary Ellen P.            F. Rapid City, SD

_____Maggie Z.                G. Danvers, MA

_____Linda R.                    H. Muskegon, MI

_____Jen F.                        I. Honolulu, HI

_____Placida A.                J. Verdun, France

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