Sunday, November 20, 2022

Media stars

Over the last 4-5 days we here in Erie, PA have been "media stars," kinda. When the Weather Channel focused on the first big lake effect snowstorm that passed over the Great Lakes, there we were in the middle of the maps, between Cleveland and Buffalo. The Sisters fielded texts, emails and phone calls from their friends and families who also saw the weather news and contacted them to see how bad it was for us.

Truth be told, it wasn't very bad at all. From Thursday through Sunday we, here in Harborcreek, six miles east of downtown Erie and 12 miles from the New York State line, had 17-18" of snow. See what I mean? The stories of 50-60-70" in Buffalo were unbelievable to us, too. Our amount, especially since it was over a weekend (no school), allowed everyone to stay put if they could and ride it out till Monday, when temps are expected to begin a week of 40s.

One of the really enjoyable parts of this sudden dive into winter was watching our birds. They all came in abundance to our feeders--all day, every day. My favorite "visitors" were this cardinal couple. They were always hanging around my window feeder and seemed a little less jumpy than last year--or so I imagined. Maybe I did a better job of staying still when they appeared! 

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