Sunday, November 27, 2022

Walking to school

For most of my schooling, say grades 5-12, my sister and I walked to school. It wasn't on a major roadway, but rather on a residential, seldom used by the public street that was perfect as a footpath for school children. I remember those times as peaceful, outdoor daily breaks before and after school and, in the earlier years, even at lunch time.

So when I saw an article in our local paper I was curious, as its subtitle was: Mural project adds 12 murals to Erie school walking routes. It went on to detail a mural project, Purposeful Placemaking, by the Erie Art and Culture group in areas where children and families typically walk to and from neighborhood schools. 

Twelve of the planned 50 cityscapes are already finished, the rest to come by the end of 2023. They are absolutely fantastic!  Take a look at them here.  Or, google Purposeful Placemaking and that will take you to the Erie Arts and Culture website, where they are also displayed.

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