Sunday, December 4, 2022

Sunday afternoon

Sunday afternoon, by an uncommon quirk in the schedule, found us "free" to catch three of our favorite winter sports teams on TV or streaming online. The Pittsburgh Steelers were playing the Atlanta Falcons and since Pittsburgh is led by a young rookie quarterback, along with other rookies in the starting line ups, they are struggling with growing pains this year. However, this Sunday afternoon everything worked out and lo and behold they played beautifully and won! Oh, how I wish Sr. Jerome were still with us...she loved Pittsburgh, wore clothing with their logo sent to her by her nephews and nieces, and just plain enjoyed  being part of the "terrible towel" gang.

Then, we caught most of the Philadelphia Eagles game. They won, too, much to the delight of the half dozen sisters who grew up in the Philadelphia area. They are having a fantastic season, with the best record in the NFL right now. Fly, Eagles, Fly!

Finally, we watched the Notre Dame women's basketball game. This year the major TV channels have started to carry the college women's bball games, the most competitive games between the best teams, of course. This one was a classic between ND and UConn, two teams that have been in the thick of the national scene for a couple decades. We got hooked on ND's team because an Erie gal played for Notre Dame in the early 2000s and now is with the WNBA Minnesota Lynx. On this day, ND beat UConn, who had dominated their games for the last few years. Go Irish! We should see both teams in March Madness for sure. 

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