Sunday, March 12, 2023

The Annual Trifecta is Coming

 A female cardinal that's been frequenting my feeders lately.

So far during six days in early March we've had more snow in those days (6.3") than we had in January and February combined! What a crazy winter this has been. Every time you see a storm on the Weather Channel crossing the country in the upper Midwest you can be sure that it will either hit us (which it hasn't lately) or be pushed by the winds, usually north and east of us. Unfortunately that theory doesn't seem to work as well for Buffalo, as they are currently in first place in the Golden Snowglobe contest which keeps track of the winter snowfall for cities with populations over 100,000.  See the latest here.

Tonight we had a treat: Girl Scout cookies, though we only had four of the 13 listed kinds: thin mints, peanut butter tagalongs, trefoils and samoas. Delicious!

Otherwise things are pretty "every day" around here. Next weekend the pace will pick up a bit as the annual trifecta of March saints will be upon us--and a weekend on top of that: Patrick (17), Joseph (19) and Benedict (21).  We celebrate all of them in some way or another....maybe even with some green beer on the first.

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