Sunday, March 26, 2023

Warmer and sunnier days


As the snow is staying away, pretty much, and the days are already longer and warmer, we're starting to be able to get into some of our spring/summer patterns--and we got to do one of my favorites this weekend: walk our Seven-Mile Creek path. And while we're walking, slowly, we're studying the creek to see what's new, what's old, what's happened since last October. 

This weekend the water was really "roaring" as we had quite a rainstorm the night before. But it looked quite clear and every time we go down there we run into fishermen and women, often carrying the long fish they've just caught! I think the creek has pretty much been clear all winter, so no ice fishing this year, just regular fishing!

The photo above is a look at a huge old tree that fell across the creek, maybe last year or so, and is just getting smaller each year now. The photo below is the end of the tree on the creek path. Can you see the patterns from insects inside? Very cool.

Finally, just a note about our continuing number of guests that are coming every day now. Very nice people. They enter into all our prayer, meals, etc. Next week will be the apex of the year for them: some overnighters and some locals that just come for the Triduum and Easter Sunday. Welcome all.

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