Sunday, April 9, 2023

Forty-two Peace Pilgrimages

This year marked the 42nd Peace Pilgrimage on Good Friday. They began as a 7-mile three-hour trek from downtown Erie to the monastery. About 6-7 years ago we changed it to a 2-mile walk through downtown Erie, still starting at St. Peter Cathedral and now ending at the foot of State St. weaving around and stopping for "stations of the cross" at various places in the downtown area.

This year's theme was environmental devastation, especially its effects on women and children.

Here are three of our "stations":

Here's the stop at Perry Square at 6th and State St.

At the Federal Courthouse. That's the old library at the corner of 6th and French
for those who know Erie. Behind it is the new Erie Insurance expansion.

And here's the final stop near Dobbins Landing, on a fishing deck.

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