Sunday, April 30, 2023

Happy 16th Anniversary

In some ways it's hard to believe and yet, at another angle it's not: 16 years ago today I started Light Through Stained Glass Windows! 

Here's the entry from that day. Note: there was no accompanying photo as I hadn't yet learned how to do that piece of a blog.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Stained-Glass Windows

We are all still reeling from the "official" opening of the renovated chapel this weekend. This morning's Morning Praise was breathtaking. The no-longer-carpeted floor, now ceramic tiled....and the no-longer acoustically-tiled ceiling, now Pennsylvania natural wood have transformed the sounds of the chant and music. It is overwhelming. The 16 floor to ceiling stained-glass windows still make up the north and south walls. I'm taking a seat on the north side, facing south, so that I have a view of the morning sun through the windows and their reflections on the tiles.

One of the most popular Benedictine mottoes fits the day: That in all things may God be glorified.

I started it because our website was having a hard time and I wanted to get daily news out to our oblates and friends. A few  years later the website was fine, so I shifted to more personal reflections on the goings-on.
Also, other sisters were picking up on starting blogs so there were other voices going out.

This week I have one lovely thing to "report": Our Mary Lou Kownacki is sharing her extensive book collection. A couple of her friends have spent weeks sorting through her shelves, sending some to her nieces and nephews already but leaving many good items for us. I picked up only one, Sailing Along Around the Room, a collection of poems by Billy Collins. I often heard Mary Lou mention him for his poetry really is great--he was the US Poet Laureate for a few years--and I can't wait to read some of his works, especially since they are ones she surely read.

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