Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Could have been a blonde

I just finished Anne Tyler's latest book, Redhead by the side of the road. I love her writing--I love her writing.

I am trying to figure out what I love the most about her books. Is it the dialogue between the characters? Maybe it's the characters themselves? They have that could-be-your-brother-in-law or aunts or neighbor lady feel. Maybe it's the descriptions of Baltimore or the Atlantic beaches or the houses and homes themselves? Perhaps it's the spirit of conversion and grace that permeates all her stories.

This one centers around Micah, aka Tech Hermit, the latest in Tyler's "heroes" around which the whole story bobs and weaves--an ordinary fellow and yet not, at the same time. Micah is a sympathetic guy, as are his circle of family and friends--but he's got to get himself together on a few things---which is a common theme for Tyler. And, yes, it has a "happy ending" but Tyler-like, not standard movie fare!

Oh, and the title: Micah's middle aged eyes are changing and on his morning run he is forever mistaking a fire hydrant as a little redheaded child! The same fire hydrant on the same corner in the same place every day--classic Tyler.

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