Sunday, May 17, 2020

Local fun

It is gosling time in our town....all you have to do is go 1/2 mile south of us on Troupe Rd as the plastics plant there has a large pond in front and every year Canada geese gather and show off their new goslings to all the traffic going by--on the other side of the fence! Cute as can be. The peninsula must have 100s at this time, too, as the geese are everywhere there.

What are you doing for fun? a friend asked me recently. Well, it's not too hard in a "family" of 63 people to find things to do, alone or with others. There seems to be a card game or board game going on every night in the community room. We do have cable TV so there is always something good on somewhere, too. And our monastery library has an excellent, truly excellent collection of fiction to balance the more serious sections.

But for me I am bereft of BBC mysteries. Right before the stay-at-home orders came I had been to our local branch library and brought home six DVDs, which, of course, we've gotten through by now. somewhat desperation, I went to our DVD cupboard to see what we have. The result is a collection of four "retro" series that we are enjoying: Murder She Wrote, Magnum PI (which has a surreal quality since Tom Selleck is known to this TV generation as police commissioner Frank Reagan of Blue Bloods fame), Poirot (an Agatha Christie detective that I never warmed up to but really rather like now) and, finally, our favorite, the first season of House (the unusual quirky doctor and his young residents). We'd forgotten how M.A.S.H.-like the dialogue is. Add the intriguing medical "mystery" that each episode brings and it makes a really good series.. Nonetheless, I can't wait until our library system opens up again. We have some of our favorites already reserved.

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