Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Nature update

One of my favorite all-time pictures--the tool building at Benetwood Apartments with the annual iris display in front. And this week is the week when I see it live--right now. The building is quite a bit more weathered than when this photo was taken, but that makes it even more photogenic, I think. The iris are the same--beautiful.

We haven't seen many deer lately, we think this is the time for the birth of this year's fawn, so they will be scarce for a couple weeks. The geese are not around as much, gosling care for sure. Hummingbirds and Baltimore Orioles have been sparse this spring, too--but lots of other birds are around: the yellow finch are delightful to see flitting about. Our morning praise is accompanied by birdsong every day!

The rhododendron are great and plentiful this month, as were the forsythia last. This week our peonies are opening and the roses are having their first bloom, too. 

Finally, but far from last, the Night Blooming Evening Primrose started Monday night. They are truly miraculous in every sense of the word. 

Hoping your natural world is beautiful and that last summer's restrictions at home carry over into yards and gardens throughout the country for bird and flower lovers, not to forget vegetable growers!  Our tomatoes are doing very well in large vats on the back patio. 

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