Sunday, September 12, 2021

Great to go away and great to come home again!

My 2021 vacation is over and it's back to the rest of the year starting tomorrow. But, one more memorable sight from the time away. 

I think it's part Norman Rockwell, part rural America and part back-to-school.

The Mid-County Trail we walked daily is sometimes totally bordered by trees, bushes and vegetation and sometimes a few houses are quite near the trail. I'm guessing that the houses were there first and when they put in the power lines and the trail under them, they wove as best they could around the suburban-rural parts of the towns they needed to get through. 

Here is a scene I walked past on the first day of school this week. New clothes, new backpacks, new sneakers and eagerness that showed itself by the constant looking down the lane for the big school bus that I also passed later on. 

A great scene...but don't miss their house and environs behind the kids!



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