Sunday, September 5, 2021

Sitting in a little bit of heaven


Do you have favorite chairs? No, not a special type of furniture, a chair or chairs that's become a special place to sit! Like your Dad's old recliner or Mom's TV chair with the side table of all her projects or readings. I've reached the "favorite chairs" stage of my life and here's one that I have even on vacation. This photo was taken from my favorite outdoor chair here, a very comfortable tall back lawn chair. Its place is on the patio facing west, which shows a small flower garden, a little lawn area that borders the complex, with Rte 9 on the other side of the fencing. You can even see the homes across the street.

This is where I read Give Us This Day every morning, check my emails and read the Erie Times News  online with a Diet Coke beside me, and where I am swallowing great mystery novels day after day after day.

Nothing "too exiting," certainly nothing "earth shattering" but oh, so wonderful.

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