Sunday, September 26, 2021

Harvest time is upon us.

All of a sudden, it seems, we have leapt into autumn and harvest time. There are end of the summer/beginning of autumn events everywhere: county fairs, small town fairs, wine festivals, grape festivals, a jazz and blues music event at Frontier Park, a huge full moon this past week and the last pickings of pears, apples, corn and countless other produce from area gardens.

I noticed that we have 3-4 lovely looking squash and a large and perfectly shaped pumpkin in the area beside our compost containers out back. Just like last year!

Personally, I'm beginning to cut back lots of our bushes, climatis and the withering leaves of the larger bushes and grasses  in our flower gardens so that next spring I'll be happy I did it now.

As far as the little trees go, I am amazed at their growth, in this their second summer. I've decided to leave them uncovered for the winter, but I will connect a support stick to each so that they don't get broken or damaged if pushed over by the winds or an unusually ferocious snowstorm. And then, next spring/summer, into the yard they will go. 
Here they are today:

                                         This is a tulip tree, on the left, and a bald cypress on the right.                                                They have each grown tremendously this summer and look healthy and strong.

This is a river birch, according to the Arbor Day literature that came with it.

I don't think that this is a tree I planted.
I'm not sure how it got here or what it is...the best I can guess is some sort of locust.
It's very hardy looking, so it can go out with the others!

And this last one, I believe, is a Washington hawthorn.
It's small but is looking good.

Many of our sisters go around proclaiming that fall is their favorite season of the year, so they are very, very "happy campers" right now! The oppressive heat of summer is gone and the colds of winter aren't here yet. Yeh!

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