Sunday, May 28, 2023

Holiday #1


Our hummingbird feeders have been standing ready for a few weeks now, but the hummers are few and far between so far. Our deer are a little scarce right now, too. That's more understandable as these weeks of late May and early June are the time their fawn are coming. 

This Sunday, Pentecost, we had a full house of friends, family members and guests for a glorious liturgy to end the Easter season. Our monastery choir and handbell choir performed their final pieces of the season, as both take off during the summer weeks. Add to that that our patio furniture came out Friday and you have a true beginning of summer for sure. The weekend also brought 70 degree temperatures, adding warm, sunny days to the mix. I remember many a summer when local radio personalities would give an ongoing report on the three holiday weekends: Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day. In summers when cooler, rainy weather hit one of them, we'd hear about it for weeks. If all three were that way, it was a true disaster. Whew, this year we're 1 for 1 already.

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