Sunday, May 14, 2023

On the road to Emmaus

A very sad day for us this Sunday, as our 42-year director of Emmaus Ministries, Mary Miller, OSB, died after a short illness. Please see this link to our community website for the obituary and details of this week's rituals: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Two of Mary's nieces were able to be here throughout the weekend and entered into our prayers, meals, etc. An hour or so after Mary's passing her one niece turned to a couple of us and said, "It has been so wonderful to be able to be here with all of you. I am so grateful...this place is magical!"

She whom we love
And lose
Is no longer
Where she was before.
She is now
Wherever we are.

- St. John Chrysostom

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  1. I was so surprised and saddened to hear of Sister Mary's death. My prayers and thoughts are with the community and family. I can't believe she is gone.