Sunday, February 26, 2023


I know I've used this before, but I don't care. I love it. And I'm all for "sharing our Catholic devotions" with those who haven't had the pleasure! One of those "pleasures" for many Christians, is Ash Wednesday. So what did yours look like last week?!

Throughout the month of February a few of my friends and I have noted a number of anniversaries---anniversaries of our parents' passing from this life to the next. Many of us keep track of these dates, primarily through the funeral home death cards we receive. It's a casual, yet very meaningful experience for us to note these annual death anniversaries. It almost always leads to some storytelling of the parent remembered, and since we didn't grow up together here in Erie, we didn't know each others parents, especially when they were young and "parenting." It's really a very touching and special time to hear about them in that way: what a father brought home from work for the kids, what a mother did to celebrate birthdays---or to hear about family vacations, trips to relatives, etc. because this is the background of the friends we have now, what helped form them into the people we met when we were already all grown up. It's a lovely sharing.

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