Sunday, February 5, 2023

Getting through those dark, cold winter days!

 Today I'm going to share two marvelous ways we're getting through the heart of winter here in the Great Lakes---Lake Erie---region.

#1. The author Elizabeth Strout won a Pulitzer Prize for her novel, Olive Kitteridge, stories of a quirky, outspoken, New Englander and her small town and the interactions she has with the people and the events therein. Now there is a mini-series, four one-hour movies based on the book. You know how when you see a movie after reading the book it often doesn't seem to measure up to the characters and settings you "saw" all through the book as you read it? Well, this one is the exception--it is just as good as the book or, you might say, presents a fitting visual of what the reader first experienced. A wonderful, memorable story of life and relationships and "just getting by" the best you can. It is streaming on HBO MAX, though we got our copy from our local library. And, if Elizabeth Strout is new to you, you're in for a real treat...she has about 8-10 books, all exceptional.

#2. Most of us read Louise Penny's latest book, 
A World of Curiosities. And even though it's her 17th or 18th Armand Gamache tale, we weren't disappointed, as she has a unique talent for fresh stories and adventures for her hero-detective and the delightful cast of characters that come and go throughout each book. A few years ago a movie was made, I think in Germany, of her first book, Still Life, and much to our delight there is now a mini-series of 8 stories from the other books. The title is Three Pines and they, too, can be found streaming, on Amazon Prime. We'll be starting them soon. Enjoy!

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