Sunday, February 19, 2023

Book report


I'm having an experience with a book (Paschal Paradox: reflections on a life of spiritual evolution) that I have never had with any book I've read: I finished it and immediately started it all over again! It's all about an evolutionary view of life, the planet, the past, present and future and how human beings' obsession with control and power is almost laughable...note the COVID experience and how we all went around saying things like, "Well, I guess we can tell who/what's really in control and it's not us"!

It is so great and I want a better chance to remember its messages and ideas better.  

Here is an excerpt that might give you an idea of one of its subjects--institutional religions:

"The early decades of the 21st c., what we are now witnessing, is not merely a set of sexual deviations, linked to a gross abuse of clerical power. It is the crucifixion of clericalism itself throughout the Catholic Church, a dark night of excruciating pain....

"The Church of the people of God will rise from the proverbial ashes, and no doubt God will visit and empower the people once more...

"I wager my faith that this new breakthrough will honor the ground-up faith long known to the Catholic people of God, who will rediscover the empowerment of the reign of God, not in a church cut off from the world, but in faith communities deeply grounded in nature itself. In our dream to save the world, we will discover anew the unconditional love of God calling us to be God's people walking our earthly pathway of grace and beauty."

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