Sunday, February 12, 2023

Super "Super" weekend


In between our favorite college women's basketball games, all of our regular weekend prayer and liturgy, and, of course the Super Bowl, we did manage this weekend to get in a couple winter walks--as the temperatures here have touched the "moderate" range (which means 45-60) this week.

Lake Erie is totally open, no ice in sight least off of our shore. And a winter walk along the creek path brought this stunning view of one of our waterfalls--with strong flowing water over its entire width. We saw signs of fisherfolk all along the path, too, so I guess they're having some success with winter fishing. 

Congratulations to all the Kansas City and Philly kick in the last 10 seconds, by the team that last has the ball, and KC did it perfectly. Hopefully we'll see them both back again next year.

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