Sunday, October 9, 2022

A lovely surprise


We've had a tree in chapel for the month preceding the Feast of St. Francis, October 4th. It wasn't the first time we've had a live oak tree in chapel, but it did bring another first for me. Over the last week or so the trees in our area have begun changing colors...even though it's earlier than average. And then, the last days of September I noticed that, sure enough, the leaves on the tree in chapel were changing color, too! 

I can't remember ever seeing such a thing, a tree changing color indoors. Perhaps it's not uncommon, but it is to me. So here's a picture of it on October 4th itself, right before its transfer and planting outside. Thanks to the Care of the Earth committee for such a creative idea. 

Here's some more "daily news," especially for those of you who know us well: this week the handbell choir and the monastery choir both started up their rehearsals after a 6-month of so hiatus--longer for the singing group. It's really nice to get these going again as they are both a very special part of our offerings for prayer and liturgies.

Secondly, although the Covid virus is still with us, it seems to have "morphed" into another phase, not just for us I'm sure, but for others, too, I suspect. Here and there one sister at a time will test positive, some have no symptoms at all, others tell us theirs are cold or flu-like. They isolate in their rooms for 5+ days and when they test negative they continue to be masked and eat alone for awhile. Those who had close contact with them also go into masks for a bit and get tested regularly, etc. Fortunately no one has had to be hospitalized and we even go through weeks with no cases at all. 

Boosters are again on the horizon this month for everyone! 

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  1. Please wish Sister Placida Happy birthday #105. Saw pictures on OSB Home Page but no way to make comments. Thanks