Sunday, October 23, 2022

Above normal

After 4-5 days of cold, rainy weather in mid-month, the winds, and anything else that was needed, shifted and we have been blessed with what is turning out to be a full week of above normal temps. These have brought warmth and sun back to us for what I fear may be the last hurrah.....but even if it is, it is a welcome hurrah.

To that end, everyone headed for the outdoors both Saturday and Sunday, even if it meant only a walk around the grounds. I went as far as Lake Chautauqua where I saw one of my favorite old used-to-be- lighthouses. Here it is--rather short as lighthouses go and leaning a little now, but placed right along the lakeshore and looking pretty good overall. 

Back home indoors, I'm well into my latest craft project--the title banner for our newest professed member. You can read about her on our community website if you haven't already--here. 

This is what it looks like in the early stages, as the title itself emerges. It will be followed by an outer border and then the inner border. Finally a good ironing, a hanging stick and string, and voila, ready for the receiver. I'm aiming for Christmas, but it's coming along so well right now, maybe Thanksgiving ...maybe.

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