Sunday, October 2, 2022

Good Reads

I am in the middle of a streak. A streak of coming upon good, good books. Back on April 17 I did a blog post on the book, A Psalm for the Wild-Built--a monk and robot book, by Becky Chambers. Good fantasy literature with underlying or obvious spirituality themes (see the Dune  series or even Tolkien's works) is one of my favorite genres. Over the last couple of weeks I finally read the sequel to the April book, Prayer for the Crown-Shy and, what is not always true for sequels, it was as good if not better than the first book. What a find!


Then, a friend gives me Elizabeth Trout's latest Lucy by the Sea. Here's another genre, stories of everyday people in everyday situations.  Anne Tyler and her wonderful writing of stories set usually in Baltimore, Maryland, stand out as favorites here. But this Elizabeth Trout, her two books on Olive Kitteridge, the first won the Pulitzer Prize, and now this one on Lucy are making me wonder if Tyler is really my favorite. What magnificent writers these two!

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