Sunday, October 16, 2022

October days in the northeast

Today we had the dreamed-of-experience for the fall: a drive along the lake shore at the high point of the turning of the leaves. And, WOW, were they beautiful. We headed up to Buffalo and then another 60 miles east to Rochester, NY, home of Kodak and Eastman School of Music, to name a couple of their proud products. My friend Anne's niece was coaching her NYU women's soccer team versus the University of Rochester women. I've never had much interest in soccer though I know it is the #1 worldwide sport, but I am warming to it with this connection. It still seems odd to me to run around, though with much skill I will admit, for 90 minutes and end up with a 0-0 tie or 1-0 win/loss. I guess the scoring isn't the issue, it's the skill, defense, etc. Anyway, I still don't totally get the allure, but it's getting more fun to watch when I know some of the major players involved.

However, on the other hand, our neighboring Buffalo Bills are having a return to their golden oldie days of Jim Kelly and OJ Simpson and all their wins. Finally they have a great quarterback and today they beat the Chiefs, who are a top team! Can you say Super Bowl?! 

A shout out to a Pennsylvania team also having a fabulous football year, so far...the Eagles of Philadelphia. They are currently undefeated and in first place in their division as they are benefitting from an Alabama-trained quarterback along with other fine players. 

A final sharing: despite the reference above to the beautiful fall scenes around us here, I posted our annual When Will Be the First Day of Snow? contest. Last year we had nearly 40 entries from community members.....what we won't do for a $5 gift card to Walmart!!😏 

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